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Continuous Professional Development

PTP's courses meet the criteria for most professional bodies in the UK in ares such as accountancy, architects and banking. All our 1-day courses equate to 5.5 hours CPD and our 2-day courses equate to 11 hours. This takes into account, introductions, coffee and lunch breaks which do not count as CPD time.

CPD What is it?

"CPD is defined as the holistic commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence." DTI's 'Accelerating Change' report. 2002.

Within the professions themselves and the academic and Institutional communities, a number of different terms are used to describe the generic activity of maintaining and improving professional competence. These range from Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Education and Training (CET), Continuing Professional Education (CPE), Continuing Vocational Training (CVT), to Post Qualification Development (PQD). Increasingly, however the term Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is becoming accepted as the preferred term and is widely used within the professions.

The key features of effective CPD are that it is :
Continuous - throughout the practitioner's working life
Professional/Organisation focused - necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties and related to maintaining the quality and relevance of professional services
Broad Based - knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities

Structured - systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of the knowledge and skills base

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