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CPD - GMC - General Medical Council

Principles for CPD

CPD springs from and is a vital influence on professional life.

The way in which individual doctors take part in CPD will depend on:
their specialty;
the opportunities available;
their priorities; and
their personal learning styles and preferences.

We encourage this diversity, as without it CPD activities would be less effective.

There are, however, certain principles that those involved in CPD may want to bear in mind.

  1. CPD contributes to improved patient healthcare and to a healthier society.
  2. Each individual is responsible for taking part in and recording their own relevant CPD activities.
  3. CPD also helps doctors to improve their professional effectiveness, career opportunities and work satisfaction.
  4. CPD should cover all areas of Good Medical Practice. Doctors should keep up to date in all areas of their practice.
  5. Doctors should also recognise when unexpected opportunities for CPD arise and should allow time to consider and discuss these opportunities informally. A range of different activities will normally be suitable.
  6. CPD should also include public and patient involvement. For example, patients and the public should be involved in developing CPD schemes, setting standards and monitoring quality. Doctors must be up to date with what patients and the public expect.
  7. Doctors should discuss and review their CPD with others. Yearly appraisal gives a formal, structured opportunity for doctors to discuss their CPD needs. Appraisal provides a way of making sure that any CPD identified is relevant to a doctor's practice and learning needs. Doctors should use personal development plans to make sure that they, their organisations and patients benefit as much as possible from their CPD.
  8. Assessment measures, where available, should be used for part of doctors' CPD. These measures should allow doctors to be clear about how they are developing. They will help doctors to judge their progress. Valid and reliable assessment tools and systems are still developing. (Indeed, developing these tools would be a valuable CPD activity for doctors.

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