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CPD Requirements In the Legal Profession

As a qualified legal professional you are required to undertake CPD that is relevant and appropriate to your professional responsibilities and personal development. In order to count towards CPD, the training or development activity undertaken must be: Relevant to your individual needs. You should identify your individual learning and development needs in deciding which training courses to attend.

Measurable. You should be able to measure learning activities undertaken or outcomes achieved to meet your individual (and Professional Bodies) requirements.

Verifiable. You should retain appropriate records and documents relating to CPD activities undertaken and, where requested by your member body, provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of that body.


From 1st December 2004 the CPD Scheme will apply to all practising barristers. The Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Requirements are as follows: All Barristers who have completed pupillage, shall complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing professional development in the 12 month period commencing on the 1st day of December of each year of practise following completion of pupillage All Barristers called to the Bar of Northern Ireland after September 1st 2004 shall complete within the first 12 months from the date of their call:

  • A Northern Ireland Bar Advocacy Training Course; and
  • A Northern Ireland Bar Ethics Course.

A CPD practice year is a period of 12 months ending on 30th November each year in independent practice as a barrister save that the year ending 30th November 2005 shall be deemed to commence on the 1st January 2004.

Practitioners will be permitted to carry over a maximum of 4 CPD hours accumulated in excess of the requirement in one CPD practice year to the next immediately succeeding CPD practice year only.