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CPD is a key part of professional life for any CIOB member and underpins the value of the professional qualification. An institute that cannot demonstrate a firm commitment to CPD undersells its members.

Every member has an obligation under Rule 13 of the CIOB Rules of Professional Competence and Conduct to maintain the currency of the professional qualification through CPD.

The CIOB operates a CPD monitoring programme which involves checking the CPD records of a random selection of members. You do not need to submit your CPD record unless you are contacted and asked to do so. You may also record your CPD online via the CIOB website.

All members are responsible for developing their own annual CPD plan, evaluating their CPD activities and keeping a record of the activities they undertake. Compliance does not require a set number of hours. The amount of CPD you do will depend on your circumstances, and be appropriate for your responsibilities and ongoing development.

Advantages of CPD

CPD is the process of regularly assessing current and future skill and knowledge requirements relevant to your responsibilities, then planning and implementing an ongoing programme of training and development to address these needs.

The process allows you to:

Progress your career
Maintain your professional status
Reflect on personal achievements and invest in future development
Learn from others and exchange knowledge and ideas
Benchmark your performance
Demonstrate to colleagues and clients that you're are a self-starter and motivated to learn
Develop the skills you need to do your job more effectively
Learn in a flexible style, identifying and making the most of available development opportunities
CPD Activities

CPD activities might include:

Open distance learning
Private study
Conferences, lectures and seminars
Training courses
Writing articles for publications
Preparing papers
Examining, tutoring or mentoring