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Telephone Sales Training Gets Results on the Day

PTP's 1/2 day telephone sales training course How to be Great at Telephone Cold Calling resulted in Nick Howells of STS getting interest in the very competitive IT market during the training session! 'This 1/2 day telephone sales training course in cold calling has given me a clear way of how to best make cold calls. The demonstration by the trainer was invaluable and also the trainer listening to me make the calls was extremely helpful. In just over an hour of calling between us, we managed to get 4 good leads. The methodology taught is simple, ethical and very logical meaning that I am now far more efficient at undertaking this task. I would highly recommend this course to anyone new to cold calling on the telephone or those more experienced like myself wishing to improve their techniques.' Marc Holland, PTP's MD, commented, 'The idea of this sales training course is to show very quickly the best way to make cold telephone calls and get through to the right person in a professional and efficient way. Once thorugh to the decision-maker, delegates are then taught the best way to qualify the prospect and establish whether their is interest in their service or product. This is then all brought to life when the trainer makes the call on behalf of the delegate so that the theory becomes reality. This really is Practical Training for Professionals!'

Benefits of attending this telephone sales training course How to be Great at Telephone Cold Calling

    • Greater confidence in making cold calls on the telephone
    • Effective Techniques for telephone prospecting and telephone sales
    • Development of an individual style
    • The ability to make direct contact with the decision-maker
    • Genuine leads generated on the course
    This telephone sales training course is guaranteed to give delegates the confidence to make calls professionally. Demonstrations of live-calls will be made by the tutor to real prospects of the companies attending, in many cases this will result in genuine leads! Delegates will also improve their listening skills to maximise their chances of generating new business leads.  

    Update email from Nick Howells 21/11 re Telephone Sales Training Course

    I had a crack at putting into practice the methodology this afternoon on the rest of the local Enderby data we went into yesterday. Based on around 45 mins dedicated calling I identified the correct contact, had a conversation, booked a meeting for Monday afternoon, and unearthed a live Internet provision project, thus a hot lead, at one local firm, this was from the 3rd call made. Much appreciated for the methodology, discipline and focus the training gave me yesterday. Cheers Nick