Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections

1 Day
Edinburgh 24th Jun 2021
12th Jul 2021
5.5 hours

Course Overview

This Closing the Sale and Dealing with Objections course reviews the sales process and identifies the appropriate time to apply a close and how to go about it. Through role-play and questionnaires we analyse your closing technique and highlight areas for improvement. The course also includes effective methods of dealing with the customer's objections and indecision.

CPD Value 5.5 Hours

Course Location

Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections London
Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections Manchester
Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections Nottingham
Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections Birmingham
Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections Bristol
Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections Edinburgh
Closing The Sale & Dealing With Objections Leeds

This course is worth 5.5 Continuous Professional Development hours.Learn more about CPD


09:30 - 09:45 Coffee & Course Objectives

09:45 - 10:45 Task 1 - Delegates are tasked with selling a product/service to an identified decision maker in role play scenario. Feedback is given as to how well targeted the pitch was.

10:45 - 11:30 3 ½ Steps To Selling
(Establishing Interest & Prospecting, Presenting, Closing, Keeping the Doors Open)

11:30 - 12:00 Types of Closes
(23 closes are analysed)

12:00 - 13:00 What Type of Closer Are You?
(Personal test)

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 14:30 Task 2 - Delegates role-play difficult objections that they get for their own products/services.

14:30 - 16:30 Dealing With Objections Effectively
(Types of objections, pre-handling objections, answering objections)

16:30 - 16:45 Summary & Action Plans Agreed


Great course, valuable training. Trainer very knowledgeable.

Mark Osbourne, Kyocera Unimerco Tooling Ltd

Delivery of the course was very good.

Jenny Tibbs, Future Medical Equipment Ltd

Great trainer, highlighting areas to work on and applying it to what we sell and our situation.

Kerry Laurie, Future Medical Equipment Ltd

Great training. Confidence boosting and food for thought.

Claire Gevaux, BMG Research

Fantastic training. Really open and interactive. Great advice.

Georgia Taylor, Combined Knowledge Ltd

Attending this course has given me an understanding of the objections encountered and how I can use these closing techniques to see how we can do for them and not what they can do for us. I am now equipped with closing techniques to adapt to each customer and understand their needs.

Joseph Baker. RoSPA

Brilliant course, thank-you Gil.

Lee Chase, Global Guardians Management

Really enjoyed this course. Especially appreciated the further reading that was recommended. Great pack to take away and refer back to. Thank you!

Hayley Price, McCann Manchester
Presentation was fantastic.

Lynne Wainwrighht, C.P. Hart

Marc was brilliant, understood where we are and where we want to be. I am confident I can put these techniques into practice.

Chris Bazen, Kellys Storage

Very impressed, had fun and gave me a lot of confidence selling.

James Way. Kellys Storage

I think the presentation has been really good. Right amount of time was dedicated to explanation and practise. I found it really useful to practise closing and objection handling related to something completely different to my day to day job as it opened my mind to different possible approaches.

Sonia Nardo, IOP Publishing

Presentation was excellent. Very good course, would recommend it.

Matthew Shaw, C P Hart

Really enjoyed it & feel I will have new skills to try tomorrow!

Tiffany Hardcastle, Hardscape Products Ltd

I will feel much more confident closing a deal, especially useful when planning.

Samantha Faulkkner, Panararmer

Very informative & brilliant one to one interaction. Very enjoyable.

Chris Williams, Una Health

Excellent! Thank-you.

Caroline Ramsey, CLA

Plenty of good ideas to take away and implement.

Lucy Scwind, CITB Construction Skills

Presentation was excellent: clear, varied and concise. An excellent, helpful course. Very worthwhile.

Darren King, Red Hat Europe

I think the training was excellent.

Annito Tombrou, Red Hat
Brilliant course, well delivered and planned. Very useful!
Liam Doyle, Computershare
Fantastic delivery. Small numbers worked really well
Luke Johnson, Computershare
Very good session. Will definitely assist/improve my selling techniques.
Seema Patel, Affinity Sutton
An excellent awareness course. It has re-evaluated some items currently used but will now be improved upon.
Shelley Jones, Crew 2000
Fantastic course very helpful & really enjoyed..
Amelia Davis-Pogson, Innovantage
Excellent delivery, kept attention throughout..
Derry O'Hara, Sound Marketing
Very professional!.
Paul Walker, Sound Marketing
Great course!
Sandra Brown, CP Hart & Sons
Superb course! Reinforced certain things/skills we already do bringing them to the fore.
Amanda Bull, CP Hart & Sons
Perfect presentation, very useful & informative great layout.
Siggy Sogard, 4Cast
Very good.
Ted Robinson, Elite Video Systems
Alex Klinicke, Beadles Nissan
Excellent course.
Richard Smetham, Arven Chemicals Ltd
The presentation was fantastic..
Lynee Wainwright, CP Hart
It was great..
Selena Parsons, CP Hart
Very helpful course. Hope to improve skills with new knowledge and close more deals!.
Karen Bhatoe, FGE Ltd
It was an excellent course and has improved my motivation to sell I'm now keen to give what has been discussed A Go with much more confidence..
Hannah Elms, 4Cast
Very informative & thorough, thank-you.
Joe Tambling, Innovantage
Course was excellent & motivational.
Sharon Simcox, M&H Plastics
Excellent instruction. A great day, many thanks.
Robert Kindness, Hawco Ltd
Great course really enjoyed and was very valuable..
Saif Chaudhry, Brandsauce
Very informative and very well hosted..
Andy Durman, Active
Super, enthusiastic trainer.
Charlotte Bullock, CLA
A very enjoyable and interesting course.
Kessie Merritt, Datel
Really enjoyed and felt positive towards challenges ahead.
Kevin Terry, Royal College of Nursing.
Very useful day.
Peta Clark, Royal College of Nursing
An excellent course. Really enjoyed the engagement and interaction.
Yvonne Warrington, SLC Group
Very enjoyable course. Lots of information to take forward.
Karen Walsh, SLC Group
Very good course & picked up lots of new skills to use in my role.
Kris Peach, SLC Group
This was both an enjoyable & productive course which the team will be able to use. Thank you!
Wendy Turland, Affinity Sutton


  • 20+ types of closing strategies
  • Greater confidence in handling objections positively
  • Understanding the customers motivation
  • Overcoming customers objections to the price
  • Individual sales issues discussed and resolved
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