Leadership & Management Skills

1 Day
Bristol (Clifton) 1st Jun 2021
3rd Jun 2021
5.5 hours

Course Overview

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Effective leadership and management is vital for the success of any organisation. 

The aim of this 1 day course is to enable those who are either new to a management role or have been in a management position for some time and wish to hone their skills to be more effective. 

The course helps managers focus on their management and people tasks and the practicality of this course enables you to develop leadership and management styles which will assist the organisation towards reaching its objectives.

The course focuses on developing appropriate leadership styles, understanding the motivation of individuals at work, and using suitable decision-making and delegation techniques.  The management of stress and stress-related situations are also covered.

This Leadership & Management Skills course is available throughout the UK.

CPD Value 5.5 Hours

Course Locations

Leadership & Management Skills London
Leadership & Management Skills Manchester
Leadership & Management Skills Nottingham
Leadership & Management Skills Birmingham
Leadership & Management Skills Bristol
Leadership & Management Skills Edinburgh
Leadership & Management Skills Leeds

This course is worth 5.5 Continuous Professional Development hours.Learn more about CPD


09:30 - 10:00 Coffee & Course Objectives

10:00 - 10:30 What makes a Good Leader? (What are the qualities required to be a good leader)

10:30 - 11:00 Leadership Styles (Can I change my style? What are the styles and how do I use them?)

11:00 - 11:15 Coffee

11:15 - 12:30 Key Management Tools: Motivation (How and why are people motivated? How do I get the best from my staff?)

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

13:30 - 14:30 Key Management Tools: Decision Making (How do I make the right decision at the right time? Case study)

14:30 - 15:00 Key Management Tools: Delegation (How do I effectively delegate? What can I delegate?)

15:00 - 15:15 Tea

15:15 - 16:00 Surviving & Thriving under Stress (Recognising stress in others and in self; what can be done to alleviate stress?)

16:00 - 16:30 Summary & Action Plans Agreed


Virtual Course attended:

Ursula was a great, engaging trainer who made the day feel very smooth and efficient delivering over Zoom, the content of the course was interesting and flowed well and I feel will make me a better manager and team leader in the process.

Tom Heavisides, Kaplan

I found the course very helpful and it has given me lots of techniques to work with and help in my work and personal life.

This was my first management course and first course via zoom which I very much enjoyed .

Thank you for the advice and skills I have gained through this course.

Ursula was very helpful in explaining these principals and very engaging , welcoming and inclusive.

Sharon Mccarthy, Suffolk Food Hall

Great course. Good material wwhich has led to a lot of informative discussions.

Bjorn Hulman. Pufferfish

A really enjoyable day, adapted well to individuals loved the interaction with other members of the group. tracey was brilliant in her delivery.

Lou Jones, British Dressage

Course was absolutely brilliant and helped refocus my energies.

Rachel Smith, British Dressage

Very relaxed, informal and engaging, ensuring that everyone had a voice and a collaborative approach to learning and understanding.

Lesley Darby, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Limited

Fantastic course.

Daniel Bolah, Snowzone Ltd

Extremely enjoyable and informative.

Mark Warren, National Space Centre

Very good trainer.

Chantelle Feery, ISS Labour

Anna was fab! She understood our needs and adapted the course specifically for us! I have lots of positive takeaways and will be interested in further courses.

Cara Lawson, The Dragonfly Agency

Fantastic course. Very much recommend!

Caitlin Sweeney, Newington Communications

Excellent course.

Rabogajane Busang, GALVmed

From the feedback our delegates have submitted, they’ve clearly found the training relevant and useful in developing their skills as new managers.  It‘s great to know that they will easily be able to apply the practical knowledge they have gained back in the workplace, and so build their confidence and credibility. 

Anna Mitchell, M2

Course was engaing, facilities great.

Jennifer Connolly, Brother UK Ltd

Excellent and very informative! I have several action points to go away and implement back at work.

Bethan Vincent, Bytemark Ltd

One of best 1-day courses I've ever attended and I have undertaken several including a 2 year management course.

Simon O'Dell, Landscape Institute
Great - thanks.
Dominic Anderton, Kernow Veterinary Group Ltd

Great course - lots to take away and work on.

Laura Gribble, Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd

Answered all questions very well and delivered lots of useful info in short period of time using examples to make it real.

Phil Robson, Jersey Financial Services Commision

Great course!

Jane Harris, Aston Manor

A very good course. Peter was excellent.

Andrew Hill, Trident Building Consultancy
Thought the course was excellent. Richard tailored to our needs. Learned a lot of new techniques and approaches. Really enjoyed it. Would recommend.
Sharon Macdonald, Dolby Vivisol

This has been a brilliant course/experience and it has left me with a lot to work with and develop myself with.

Ola Ajani, Bank of America and BofA Securities
Great day, will allow me to develop the team and department to enable us to improve in all aspects.

Liam Plowrightt, Computershare
It was Excellent.

Robert Evans, Border Holdings (UK) LTD
Enjoyable & informative.

Elizabeth Rose, Greater Manchester Strategic Health Authority
Course was very helpful, building on the previous course - Introduction to Management.

Amanda Calton, Mouchel
Very imformative & enjoyable

Ian Morgan, Freightliner Ltd

Brilliant course, great training!

Darren Gowing, Dilgenta

The course helped me to refresh my management and leadership skills. It was extremely useful to attend.

Abi Abubaker, Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education

Excellent course. Loved the interaction - knowledge and sharing of ideas. Very useful techniques will benefit me in my role going forward.

Rebecca Giles, NSG Environmental Ltd

Excellent delivery, wonderful approach to the day. I feel excited about the challenge ahead. I feel a lot more confident.

Nicola Harker, NSG Environmental Ltd

Excellent trainer - impressed by extensive knowledge.

Lisa White, Ecolab Ltd

Excellent opportunity to compare experience with other attendees and enjoyable way to learn which will help me remember & use new skills.

Sue Milne, NHS Vale Royal CCG

Excellent day. Great to reflect and listen to ian - Thank you.

Margaret Carrucan, Electric Word plc

Exercises were amazing. Excellent course and the topics were covered with appropriate and live examples.

Ramya Rajendran, AKKA

A valuable session and practically I can see immediate actions I can use/implement.

Christina Guest, Ashfords LLP

Very well delivered, helpful input which met my requirements.

Chris Fairchild, NPS - Essex Probation

Great day with thorough examples of how to implement skills in the workplace.

Neale Ricotti, Creativepool Ltd

Very well presented.

Steph Palin, Foxhill

Very enjoyable with great delivery.

Stephen McCarthy, Brother

Excellent course.

Nick Markwell, SQS Security Qube System (UK) Ltd

The presentation was excellent. A very good day - well thought out and I felt was very motivational.

Jackie Smyth, Godloves Solicitors

The course was excellent and made it clear how to deal with situations which I have particularly struggled with.

Katie Hampson, Like Minders Ltd

Very good. Well facilitated. Good ideas. Thank-you.

Richard Fox, Workplace Options
Exceeded my expectations.
Zoe Herron, Language Line Ltd
I found the session extremely useful. It was interactive and provided invaluable guidance and insight into developing leadership & management skills.
Michelle Petrons, Language Line Services
Very much enjoyed the course. Exceeded expectations and would highly recommend.
Adam Gillett, Language Line Services
Very interesting and well communicated course which I would recommend to others.
Philip Challis, BT Openreach
A very fulfilling course.
Bruce Macbride, The Royal Yacht Britannia
The trainer met the needs of requirements fantastically. Personalised it. Thank-you
Paula Horton, Portrayal Ltd
Very good course.
Gary Tozer, Portrayal Ltd
Effective and motivating delivery of presentation.
Zoe Haseman, 3RE Group
Enjoyable course and very informative.
Claire-Louise Drury, South Leeds Health for All
Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Tracey delivered in an approachable and friendly way and kept all the information relevant to our business.
Gina ONeil, Croydon Park Hotel
Very good course.
David Butler, HC Starck
Peter did a fantastic job in executing a really engaging training session.
Kimberley Biltgens, American Intercontinental University
Very good presentation.
Kris Dunnett, Maples and Calder
Very good content.
David Cannon, Maples and Calder
Course was delivered excellently by Peter. Very informative.
Mark Knight, Leeds Innovation Centre
Very good course. Great instructor.
Kieran Roscing, Vollmer UK
Has given me good food for thought. Very interesting and enjoyable.
Michael Cotgrave, Quick Release
Enjoyable and informative!
Jim Fullana, Quick Release
Superb course, very interesting, well delivered, fun and positive.
Dan Faulkner, Recresco Ltd
An enjoyable & informative course with lots of ideas to implement in the workplace.
Steven Watson, Netmetix


  • The opportunity to make the transition from technical/operative to a leadership/ management role
  • An opportunity to develop some of the key skills required to lead a team to obtain results and achieve organisational objectives
  • An insight into the power of successful motivation to the benefit of all parties
  • An ability to make the correct decision in varying circumstances
  • The building of greater confidence in delegating in a variety of situations
  • An understanding of the causes of stress and how appropriate leadership and management can alleviate stress
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