Advanced Listening Skills

1 Day
Birmingham 28th Jun 2021
23rd Jul 2021
5.5 hours

Course Overview

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There are many reasons why people struggle to listen effectively. These include: Believing that the only way to put their point across is to talk more and increase the volume! Lacking the ability to concentrate. An inability to let go of a specific point and spending most of their time thinking about what they want to say rather than listen to the speaker. This one-day course addresses all of these and provides you with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become a skilled listener.

This Advanced Listening Skills training course is available throughout the UK.

CPD Value 5.5 Hours

Course Locations

Advanced Listening Skills London
Advanced Listening Skills Manchester
Advanced Listening Skills Nottingham
Advanced Listening Skills Birmingham
Advanced Listening Skills Bristol
Advanced Listening Skills Edinburgh
Advanced Listening Skills Leeds

This course is worth 5.5 Continuous Professional Development hours.Learn more about CPD


09:30 - 10:00 Coffee & Course Objectives

10:00 - 11:15 How Good Are You at Listening? (The ten main reasons why people generally are poor at listening How good are you at listening - a diagnostic exercise to reveal how good a listener you are and why you may not always pay your full attention to the speaker.)

11:15 - 11:30 Coffee break

11:30 - 12:45 The Magic of Rapport (Three techniques to instantly develop rapport with just about anyone at any time in any place!)

12:45 - 13:45 Lunch

13:45 - 14:30 The Power of Questions (A questioning framework designed to elicit the true meaning of the message being received from the speaker in terms of content and context.)

14:30 - 15:15 Behaviour Analysis (BA) (How to identify, analyse and use behaviours that demonstrate effective and ineffective listening including:Clarifying questions Probing questions Summarising Labelling behaviour)

15:15 - 15:30 Coffee break

15:30 - 16:30 Advanced Listening Techniques (Words and phrases to avoid at all costs. Techniques, words & phrases for disarming the potential for conflict.)

16:30 - 16:45 Summary & Action Plans Agreed


Virtual course attended:

Very useful insight into the common reasons why someone may struggle to listen properly and the potential issues this leads to. I have certainly gained a much better understanding of what I can do to improve my listening behaviours and how I can interact more effectively with others who struggle with their listening abilities.

Angus Mackinnon, MBDA

Attended virtual course:

I went in this course hoping to learn how to be a great listener and left feeling that I have learnt not only how to listen but more so how to build better rapport.

I also felt that I new major of what was covered, and I quickly realised how much bad habits I have pick up. The workbook will be my user guide for when I feel then need to recalibrate or brush up on my not so stronger traits.

P.E.C.A.N.S for me thought me how to ask great questions by identifying how to shape my question, meaning when to use an open question verses a close question.

When you combined P.E.C.A.N.S with (IRCA) this also make a smoother communication between the person that is talking and the person or persons that is involved it the meeting or any conversation.

This course also helps identify how good/bad you I am at listening, how to spot people who are incapable and /or unwilling to listen and several hallmarks and benefits of becoming an accomplished listener.

I would also love to thank Candy for a brilliant course delivery, you made the course so much more meaningful. Thank you also referring  of other material like that explains different social styles.








Franklyn Sewell, LiDCO Ltd

Virtual Training attended:

The course was great, took a lot away from the course and Candy was an excellent trainer!

Holly Taylor, Easybook Training Ltd

Tracey made this virtual remote training intercative, fun interesting and rich in content. It was never boring. I could have gone on for 6 more hours.

Alessia Cataldi, DP World

Very interesting course with skills/techniques learned that I will genuinely use.

James Lindsay, Badminton School

Has inspired me to look more into this area. Will share with my staff. Liked the practical approach.

Emma Davies, Badminton School

Good day - lots to think about and many practical tips I can use straight away.

Kate Broadbridge, Bristol City Council

Lovely venue. Great delivery and participation with other delegates.

Anne James. Northern Lighthouse Board

Course was excellent, exceeded expectations, delivery excellent.

Frank Gainey, MOD Hereford

A most informative day & actually most enjoyable. Many more of our personnel should attend such a course.

Scott Davidson, MOD

Really lovely trainer, knew about our objectives we wanted to achieve and excelled in engaging delivery.

Natalie Mckenna, The Message Partnership

Really enjoyed the course.

Rowan Marriott, The Message Partnership

Very enjoyable. Very enlightening.

Charlotte Lamb, Network Marketing

Great course, thought provoking!

David Walsh, Network Marketing

Very interactive, trainer was very engaging and gave good examples/refs.

Becki Burton, Network Marketing

Thoroughly enjoyed today...a very personal and tailored session for me.

Kelly Trafford, Wright Hassall Leamington Limited

An excellent day.Genial, friendly and informative. Thank-you Ian.

Andrew cooper, Allstar Business Solutions

Excellent course. Excellent trainer

Glenn Ball, Bull Products
I really enjoyed the day, it was a real eye-opener in terms of my style & interaction.
Nichola Smith, Coors Brewers.
Very good course. Great information.
Alex Bone, Albemarle
General psychology intertwined with course - GREAT - understanding personalities to empathise. Di is learned and wise in how she was in the course.
Shirlee Granville, Covent Garden Market Authority
Really useful day, I have learnt a lot!
Sarah Heathman, Albemarle Interim Management
A very good course with a very good instructor.
Richard Darbon, Vale Europe Ltd


  • Identification of any self imposed barriers to active listening
  • How to instantly develop rapport with anyone to lay the foundation for listening
  • How to adjust physiology to adopt the most effective listening posture
  • Use of a questioning framework to elicit from just about anyone what they want and why they want it
  • Identification and use of the key behaviours that demonstrate that you are actively listening
  • How to quickly identify the emotional state of anyone you come into contact with and modify your behaviour in order to be perceived as empathising with the speaker
  • How to recognise when a discussion is turning into a conflict and adopt a strategy to remove any unhelpful emotions out of the situation
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