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Finance and Planning Training

PTP's finance and planning courses are designed specifically for the client and are very interactive and practical. As with the training company, our courses are never run as seminars and the average group sizes are kept to 10 or less. However, tailor-made courses for individual companies can be managed for larger groups, depending on the type of training required. All the training is focused on action planning for delegates to ensure immediate impact on return to the workplace. Our style is to operate interactive workshops with practical case studies and activities for individuals and groups.

When organising your Finance and Planning Trainingtraining with PTP you have 5 options

1) Public Courses

Every single PTP course runs as a public course in 7 UK cities (London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham , Nottingham and Bristol). All venues are of exceptional quality and lunch and refreshments are provided FOC. So for example if you required training in London, we have a choice of over 30 Finance and Planning Training courses all with regular scheduled dates in our venue in the heart of the City of London. Click on the city names to view the exact locations and directions.

2) In-House Tailored Training

All PTP courses can be tailored top your exact needs and delivered in-house at your offices or we can organise a venue for you. As part of the fee, the trainer will call you in advance of the course and discuss your needs so that the course is tailored for you.

3) You Schedule a Public Course

We also offer a unique flexible service called U-Choose. Providing you book a minimum of 2 people on any of 100+ courses, you can choose the date on which you would like the course delivered (normally we would prefer 4 weeks notice but if you need it sooner, please let me know) and you can choose any of our 30+ training venues located throughout the UK. We will then promote the course and venue you have chosen and will guarantee that we will run the course even if we do not sell any additional places. Please note: To book a U-Choose course, you must pay the full course fee at the point of making the booking.

4) One-to-one Training

We also offer affordable 1-to-1 training service for any of our 200+ courses. A 1-to-1 training programme will include a telephone conference of up to 1 hour with the delegate before the on-site session (and optionally with their line manager), a 1/2 day on site coaching and then a further telephone conference call of up to an hour within 2 weeks of the on-site visit.

5) Virtual Training  

All PTP courses now run virtually with scheduled open courses for our 200 + (mainly 1-day) courses running every month. Our virtual learning courses are designed to recreate a training experience online, enabling full interactions with the PTP learning professional leading the course. You can also have our virtual training as an in-house closed group just for your organisation or on a 1-2-1 basis.