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How much more successful would you be if your valued customers, suppliers and business partners were willing, capable and active in accurately communicating what you do and why you are better and different than your competitors, to the people in their own network?p>

We live in a challenging business world, one where transacting business increasingly relies on the ability to develop relationships based on trust, integrity and delivering exceptional value. Anyone who knows anything about sales will tell you that positive word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful way of attracting new business.

The clients that you have delivered exceptional value to are generally more than happy to spread the word about you and the products and/or services you sell. If you are even remotely successful in business you will know people who are willing and able to introduce you to the people they know. However they might not know it yet!

There are three reasons why you might not be getting the volume of referrals you would like:

1) You haven’t asked for them!

2) You haven’t provided sufficient incentive for people to be on the look-out for people they know who they could refer to you

3) You haven’t trained people in what to look for and what to do when they come across someone who might be in the market for what you do

The challenge for you is to choose people you already know and inspire them to work hard on your behalf to make contact with people in their network to whom they can introduce you and your business. The people who do this for you are known as your advocates.

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of inviting their close friends, colleagues and associates to become advocates. Often this is an unsubstantiated myth as the majority of the people who are close to you are more than happy to actively support you. The key is often in the way they are engaged. This course provides scripts based on actual conversations that, when rehearsed, makes communicating with advocates easy and mutually rewarding.

This course introduces you to a simple yet proven 7-step system to deliver more business through word-of-mouth advertising. By following this simple and proven process you will not only generate some fantastic new and mutually rewarding relationships you will also train your advocates in a system that, if they are also in sales, they themselves could use.

This Referral Marketing course is available throughout the UK.

CPD Value 5.5 Hours

Course Benefits

  • A practical, step-by-step and proven system to increase the quality and quantity of referrals


    Examples and case studies that demonstrate how referral marketing can become one of your primary sources of new and/or incremental business

    Scripts of actual conversations that, when rehearsed, will enable you to easily conduct the type of conversations necessary for you to engage with and inspire your advocates to work hard on your behalf to open the doors to the people you want to do business with

    Here are just 3 examples of the results you can look forward to:

    • In a mailshot using the Referral Generator process over 10% of the respondents called back and asked for a first meeting. The average response rate from a direct marketing campaign is less than 0.2%
    • One user of the Referral Generator taught the entire membership of his high-performing business club how to use the Referral Generator in exchange for each member writing at least one letter to people they knew who would be interested in his services.
    • One user of this system in just a 45 minute phone call inspired a very satisfied customer to become an advocate and within one week she secured a 90 minute meeting with one of her target clients who was ready and eager to hear what she had to say.

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Our Bristol training venue

Our Bristol training venue


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