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Why Project Management Skills Are the New Gold Standard in Business Success

Project management essentially helps any business to function better and work in a more efficient way. That’s why providing project management training is such a smart move. This goes far beyond simply managing tasks and timings and encompasses everything, from a positive culture filled with happy employees to an upward spike in results. That’s why project management skills are the new gold standard in business success and project management training is such an important investment.

Why are project management skills so important?

●      Saving time and money. Project management training provides the skills to ensure that a project’s journey is clear from the outset and that crucial data, such as spend, is identified well before deadlines start approaching. This means being able to more effectively allocate resources, to avoid costly delays and to project overspend so that you have more control.

●      Improving communication for better collaboration. Project collaboration can feel like a complex process with many different moving parts - but it is also incredibly productive and vital for project success. Project management training helps to nurture the skills that ensure transparency, accountability and communication, no matter how many teams are involved.

●      Optimal decision making. Part of project management training is knowing how to get a clearer picture of a project, both at the outset and also while the project is progressing, something that is vital for optimal decision-making. This ensures a deeper understanding of where the project is in real time, what needs to be prioritised to stay on track and where resources are being used. With the right project management skills it becomes possible to identify issues before they become really problematic and deal with them swiftly so the progress of the project is unaffected.

●      Scaling high performance. Effective project management means that teams are able to build on successes, scale high performance and improve continuously. The use of data and analytics identifies where teams are excelling and where more investment or effort might be required. It becomes much easier to set benchmarks and KPIs that you can use to track progress and improve outcomes as a result.

●      Avoiding waste. One of the reasons businesses often hesitate with project management training is due to worries over slowing projects down. However, jumping into a project and simply hoping that everything goes well is often a false economy. In fact, one piece of research identified 80% of people spending half their time on rework, which indicates that there is huge wastage in terms of hours spent and work done where the right management structure is not in place. 

●      A solid foundation from the outset. Project management is the key to ensuring all the right foundations are in place, from stakeholder alignment to strategic goals and identifying the red flags that everyone needs to watch out for.

Because project management skills are such a vital part of every successful project today, project management training has become a key investment that can be truly transformative. Find out more by booking onto our Introduction to Project Management Training Course.