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Benefits of NLP for Business Sales

We spend more than 40 hours a week in a business environment so it makes sense that we want this to feel as productive and satisfying as possible. If you work in sales - or this is part of what you do - that means positive and engaging conversations that are, ultimately, productive. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a psychology-driven tool that anyone can use to structure feelings, behaviour and language to create more positive outcomes in life - including when it comes to business sales.

The model of selling is very different these days

It’s worth noting that the way we tend to approach sales has changed significantly. It used to be that the following were prioritised in ascending order: rapport, qualification, presenting and closing, with closing very much the most important part of the process. Today, it’s the other way around and rapport is 40% of sales. This is why NLP has risen in importance in recent years, because it has such a key role to play in relationship building.

The benefits of NLP for business sales

●      Building rapport to drive sales. NLP is a vital tool for building rapport with a customer and, once this has been effectively established, means the customer is comfortable and much less likely to resist suggestions. This can pave the way for an easier closing.

●      Language matching to enable trust. This, essentially, involves matching the style of language that your customer uses so that they feel like you are speaking their language. For example, if they are very visual you can reflect this in your sales approach and they will feel right at home.

●      Non-verbal cues to get clarity. NLP relies a lot on non-verbal cues, which you can only pick up on if you learn to listen well. Look at what the person is doing as they speak to you (if you’re in the same room or the same screen) - are they nodding in affirmation as you talk? If so, they’re definitely interested. If there is some unconscious head shaking happening then there is work to do.

●      Understand when to use a ‘softener’ so that your client has some time to think. Softeners are an NLP business sales technique that begin with the words “I am wondering if..” This is a tool that is very effective in terms of giving a client time to process what has already been said.

●      Understanding what motivates the client and what their values are. When you have this information then you are all set to make great sales. It can sometimes be difficult to get this information but NLP is a great way to do it. You’ll be able to get clear on a client’s values and needs and feed the buying strategy to exactly where it needs to be in their mind to help make the sale happen.

Business sales are a great area to start using NLP to help improve your outcomes and build better relationships for the long term. Find out more by booking on to our Introduction to NLP training course...