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Our guide to NLP for Business

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has become increasingly popular since it was first introduced in the 1970s. It’s effectively a system that can be employed to help achieve a different mindset and use this to change behaviours and habits. In a business context, it can be enormously beneficial when it comes to a range of skills, from communication to creativity, goal setting and building positive relationships.

Maximising business potential

One of the main reasons for the popularity of NLP is that it helps individuals move beyond limits and maximise their own potential, whether that’s in a personal or a professional context. The word ‘programming’ is quite off-putting for some but the basic idea is that we can programme ourselves to achieve more and reach new levels of excellence. These are just some of the ways in which NLP can be used to maximise business potential:

●      Improving negotiation skills, becoming more confident and persuasive.

●      Learning how to build rapport and positive team behaviours, as well as more engaging relationships.

●      Becoming more adept at setting, and achieving, goals.

●      Nurturing more innovative and creative thought processes.

●      Greater empathy and understanding when it comes to the needs and motivation of customers.

Training the brain to make life - and achievement - easier

NLP is a form of brain training that can be used by individuals to improve the way they respond to the challenges of life and work. In particular, it focuses on unconscious bias and the limits that we place on ourselves and the way that we perceive the world around us. By switching to a more conscious use of language, as well as other techniques, changes can be introduced into thoughts and behaviours that help someone engage more effectively and achieve more in life and work.

The benefits of NLP for businesses

Given that NLP is all about productivity and excellence it has a natural place in workforce development for ambitious organisations keen to optimise performance. It can have a lot of benefits, including:

●      Improving confidence so that the person going through the process is no longer holding themselves back and much more able to make decisions and take action.

●      Removing the psychological barriers that we tend to put in place to ensure that we stay within our own comfort zones and don’t take steps towards personal growth. That could be something like a fear of failure - or even a fear of success.

●      Providing a safe space in which to step outside of our comfort zones so that we start to learn what we’re actually capable of - which is almost always more than we previously believed.

●      A boost to individual and team morale - the natural consequence of an increase in confidence.

●      Being able to perform better, especially when it comes to tasks that revolve around often-challenging areas, such as sales.

The use of NLP in business is becoming increasingly common as more and more people seek to improve confidence, productivity and performance, and stop holding themselves back from excellence and growth. Find out more by booking onto our Introduction to NLP training course.