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Top 10 skills PAs wish to improve

The PA role is one that is constantly evolving and has many challenges. Being a PA today isn’t just about staying on top of the demands of the job but the technology and systems that are constantly changing, as well as the increasingly more strategic nature of the role. When it comes to skill set these are the top 10 skills that PAs are looking to improve.


Strategic planning skills. PAs today are often fully immersed in the objectives and priorities of the people they work for and will engage directly with what an organisation does. Stronger strategic planning skills enable engagement with the bigger picture and the direction of the business going forward.
Communication skills. From active listening to being able to pick up on non-verbal cues, improving communication skills can ensure it’s easy to deal with a whole range of people without issues or understanding.
Handling pressure better. Being a PA often means being under pressure, working to deadlines and being responsive to sudden changes and requests. It can be easy to lose sight of how you really feel when you’re being bombarded with other people’s demands, requests and problems. That’s why stress management is such a key skill for PAs - and one that so many people are keen to improve.
Up-to-date IT skills. Given the speed at which technology changes - and its importance to the PA role - it’s no surprise that this is at the top of the list of skills that most PAs would like to improve.
Project management skills. It can be daunting to be presented with projects to manage, as this can involve everything, from budgets to monitoring, planning and preparation. Confident project management skills enable a PA to stick with a project through its lifecycle and respond to whatever challenges arise.
Time management skills. Because a PA is not only managing their own time but others’ too this is a vital skill to have. At the most basic level this is about being able to prioritise, organise workload and see the bigger picture.
Being more assertive. Whether it is dealing with challenging people or taking control of a situation, assertiveness is a key skill for exceptional PAs. This isn’t about being the loudest person in the room but being able to confidently navigate any situation, negotiate and be decisive.
Social media skills. It increasingly falls to PAs to manage social media for others and being able to do this effortlessly is a goal for many.
Organisational skills. From diary organising to physically keeping files and documents in order, top-notch organisational skills create a much better experience - and are a key area of improvement for many PAs.
Writing a great set of minutes. This probably isn’t one of the tasks that PAs love but it’s vital to the role. High-quality listening and writing skills and staying focused during long meetings are all areas where most people can improve.

These are the top 10 skills that PAs are looking to improve today. Find out more by booking onto our Developing your PA Potential to Ensure Success training course...