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How to maximise your sales appointments over the phone

Sales is often described as a numbers game i.e. the best way to get ahead is to reach the largest number of possible prospects to give yourself the highest chance of creating the greatest percentage of customers from them. If you’re going to achieve this effectively then it’s essential to know how to make the most of all your contact - maximising sales appointments over the phone is key to this.

Use your call effectively


If you’re just looking to book an appointment and get face-to-face with the customer then don’t waste the first call on selling. Remember your goal and focus on ensuring that you can get that met. If you launch into selling too soon then you may find yourself quickly rejected.

Review all past contact with the customer

It’s essential that you know if they have history with your business, even if it’s not with you. Gather all information the business has about this person so that you’re approaching the call fully informed.

Make sure you’re in a positive mindset

Tools like visualisation can help to boost confidence and self belief so you approach the call believing that it will go well. The reality is that sales calls often take an unexpected direction but if you’re open and positive you can capitalise on whatever occurs. Conversely, if you’re approaching the call with dread and expecting the worst you may well make that happen.

Smile as you input the number into the phone

This will help you to open positively and begin the conversation with a friendly attitude.

Start the call with context for the customer

For example, introduce yourself, where you’re from and why you’re calling in as concise a way as possible. If you have been given their number by someone they know then tell them about the recommendation.

Respect the customer’s time

The best way to do this on a call is to follow up your introduction by letting them know that you know they are busy and their time is valuable. This technique can often make people less defensive and more likely to listen.

Avoid a script

Most people will be able to tell if you’re reading from a script. Instead have a list of bullet points to work from. Focus on being as clear, succinct and straightforward as possible in the language that you use. Avoid buzzwords or using too much jargon and make sure you don’t slip into language that is too casual, for example slang or swearing.

Aim to briefly outline the benefits of the product

Once you’ve done this, immediately follow it up with a qualifying question that will give them the opportunity to express interest.

Avoid closed questions


Most sales calls will be more productive if you avoid using questions that can only be replied to with a “yes’ or ‘no’ answer.
If your goal is to maximise your time on the phone these simple tips can help you to make the most of your calls. Find out more by booking onto our Generating New Business By Telephone training course...