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How to immediately improve your visitors experience

Now that the world is opening up once again we are increasingly having more interactions face-to-face. That means a return of visitors to your building and a fresh opportunity to create a positively memorable experience for them. The way we are treated, and the experience we have as visitors can have a big impact on the way that we view a particular brand. So, it’s well worth investing time in creating a positive experience for visitors - these are some simple ways to immediately improve it.

●      Create a fast and efficient check in process. Long lines are a no no today, not just because many people are still wary about standing close to others for too long post-COVID but also because there is simply no need for this kind of inefficient experience. Technology makes it possible to provide seamless check in, including self-service options via an ipad or individual kiosk and notifications that are automatically sent on a visitor’s arrival so that documents, name badges etc can be automatically created.

●      A consistently excellent reception experience. Your receptionists are the face of your business for visitors, as they are the first people with whom someone new to the building will interact. There are a number of ways in which receptionists can help contribute to a positive visitor experience, including a warm greeting to welcome people and providing your staff with tech supported by automation to speed up their work so they can focus more on personal interaction. Offering regular training to receptionists can boost confidence and resourcefulness and you may also want to consider a dress code.

●      Enhanced security. Today, we are all much more conscious of who we give our data to and this includes handing over identifiable details during a check-in process. It’s vital that you’re able to design a process for this that makes customers feel like their information is in safe hands - simply handing them a pen and paper is unlikely to be the optimum choice. Other security measures can also improve visitor experience, from managing documents to having measures in place for identifying people who shouldn’t be there.

●      Use visitor management software. This presents opportunities for opening up communication with visitors before they actually arrive at your building and there are many advantages to doing this. This type of system keeps all documents and data safely archived so that visitors can access it at any time prior to their arrival. It’s a simple way to help visitors alleviate nerves or confusion and also get the most from their visit.

●      Wayfinding options. Implementing software that provides visitors with options to find their own way around your building can be incredibly useful. You’ll not only reduce the need to have staff standing around to help like this but also empower visitors to get what they need as soon as they arrive.

A positive visitor experience can be vital to building strong relationships, whether you’re in hospitality or industry. These are some of the simplest ways to instantly upgrade what you offer. Find out more by booking onto our Enhancing the Visitors Experience training course...