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How to achieve your goals through personal development

All of us come to adult life with baggage. Whether we are still carrying the traumas of childhood or feeling like we’re unable to live fully as who we are because of something that has happened since, there are a lot of internal thought processes and barriers that can hold us back. The good news is that what is done can also be undone - using the tools of personal development you can find your way back to you and start achieving your goals and getting more from your life.

How does personal development work?

The first step is always self-awareness - once you become aware of the toxic thoughts and negative patterns that are running through your mind on a daily basis you’ll start to notice where they are holding you back. There are lots of ways to get clarity on the obstacles that you’ve placed in your own path, from daily journaling to speaking to a therapist or coach. Once you have that information then you can start taking steps towards real change.

Tools and techniques to support personal development

●      Visualisation. This is simply putting yourself in a position of already having achieved your goal, including visualising the steps that you took to get there. Visualisation is most effective when you don’t just see the success in your mind’s eye but feel it too.

●      Meditation. There are many reasons why meditation supports personal development, including the way it creates space to hear our own intuition and to take a step back from emotions that may otherwise feel overwhelming. You only need to do a few minutes a day to feel the benefits.

●      Monitor your inner monologues. Various studies have found that up to 90% of the thoughts that we have every day are negative. From the inner critic to thoughts of anger and fear towards others these narratives can really hold us back. If you’re keen to move on from this, start by monitoring your thoughts and be firm about nipping the negative ones in the bud. 

●      Develop your resilience. Fall down eight times, get up nine - this is the simplest formula for success that exists. No one reaches their goals without failures and effort along the way and the more resilient you are the more you’ll be able to keep going. Consistency and persistence are much more effective in terms of development than overreaching and exhausting yourself.

●      Small, realistic challenges will move you steadily towards your goals. If you keep setting big goals, failing and giving up then try something more achievable - doing this not only helps you to progress but will build confidence and self esteem too.

●      Reframe competition. Being competitive with others is exhausting and not constructive - instead, focus that energy on how you are going to reach your goal and what you need to do to succeed.

●      Celebrate even the small wins. Recognition feels good and helps ensure you have the motivation to keep going.

Personal development is an incredibly effective approach to take in helping you to reach your goals and these tools can help you to do it.