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Top tips for successful outbound calls

Getting your outbound calls strategy right can help to set you up for success. Some simple planning and preparation can give you the insight and confidence to take the right approach and get the results that you’re looking for. Any good outbound calls strategy will consider the planning stages, as well as the call itself and what to do after the call has finished. These are our top tips for taking all this into account to enjoy more successful outbound calls.

Define your strategy well in advance

This isn’t something that you can do as you go along, you need to get clear and confident with your strategy before you even pick up the phone. This starts by looking at the end goals and outcomes that you’re hoping to achieve with the outbound calls. Is your goal to make a sale or to get someone to complete a survey, for example. You’ll also need to establish a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can use to measure whether or not your outbound calls strategy is actually working. Some of the KPIs that can come in useful here include the amount of time you’re spending on the phone and the percentage of first call closes that you achieve. It might also be valuable to use conversion rates as a metric.

Fill your call lists with qualified leads

If you don’t want to waste your time and energy then it’s going to be essential to make sure that your call lists are efficiently filled with qualified leads. These are leads that have already been nurtured as a result of prior marketing and which are more likely to convert. This can involve some investment in lead tracking and generation, from using a CRM to ensuring that you do plenty of research before the calls so that you know about the industry, pain points and needs as well as the name of the person that you’re going to be speaking to.

Decide whether or not to use a script

Scripts can ensure that information is being consistently delivered but surveys have found that an unscripted conversation can be more effective and enjoyable for customers. A good script should provide enough structure to make sure that the basics are covered but also offer the freedom to improvise and be authentic and genuine.

Get it right on the call

Even if you have a fantastic list of leads, a sound strategy and a solid script, it’s still possible to have a bad call. Key to getting the call right will be ensuring that you’re mindful of the person’s time and you keep things concise, that you’ve found a way to grab attention from the start of the call and know how to make this person feel valued. Avoid making promises you know you can’t keep but do try to schedule another interaction in the future before the call ends.

Follow up on the call

This isn’t just about following up with the customer but also individual performance, whether that is self-evaluation or feedback from a manager.

A successful approach to outbound calls can be transformative. These are our tips on how to achieve that. Find out more by booking onto our Customer Care - Incoming and Outgoing Calls training course...