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How can customer service training impact your business?

There are many ways to differentiate your brand but one of the most powerful is via the experience customers have when they interact with your business. Today, the expectations that consumers have are high when it comes to customer service. From speed to personalisation, people expect to be treated fairly and quickly and to be able to get the information or outcomes that they want. Customer service training is fundamental to ensuring that your business is able to provide this so that you meet - or exceed - customer expectations every time and your team knows how to handle the tough moments.

4 ways customer service training can impact your business

Customer service training can involve a range of different elements, from teaching staff and support staff about products and services to giving them the skills to use customer service software effectively. There are some good reasons to invest in this for your business:

  1. Unifying skills and abilities. Your workforce is going to be made up of people with a variety of different skills and abilities. Customer service training brings everyone up to the same standard.
  2. Happier staff means happier customers. A number of studies have found that staff who have received training and tools to improve learning and abilities are happier in their roles. That staff satisfaction is going to filter through into every interaction your people have with customers. Well trained staff have the skills to do their jobs well, understand their role and are engaged because they feel valued by the business.
  3. High performing customer service teams opt for omni-channel. That means going beyond just email and phone and meeting consumers where they are most comfortable. For most teams, an omni-channel approach is going to require an investment in training.
  4. Satisfied customers will come back. 72% of people value customer service over price and 40% say that a brand can win their loyalty by successfully resolving an issue. Well trained staff can give customers what they need in a way that is consistent with your brand approach, building ongoing loyalty in the process.

Customer service training essentials

There are clear benefits to offering customer service training but where do you start with this? The first step is always going to be to assess where your staff are right now and what skills they already have. Ask them what would be useful in being able to offer high quality customer service. You can then start to look at either building your own training programme or working with an experienced training provider. Each training course is different but these are some of the most common elements to look out for: improving emotional intelligence, practising active listening and developing the right digital tone so as not to come across as short or impatient. You could consider ongoing customer service training for your business as well as one off training that is focused on a specific event, such as a product launch.

Customer service training provides the opportunity to optimise every connection with consumers by having staff who know how to engage, sell and problem solve. It not only improves loyalty and brand perception but the experiences of those working for you too. Find out more by booking on to our Outstanding Customer Service Skills training course...