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Our top benefits of speed reading

Speed reading often seems like something that only superheroes do. However, there are actually some great benefits to being able to get through information quickly in this way. It’s not always appropriate to use speed reading techniques but it can also help to give you an edge at work or in any environment when you’re short on time and high on reading volume.

What is speed reading?

It’s not just about getting through words quickly but also improving your comprehension and retention at the same time. There are some very simple ways to help acquire, and improve, speed reading techniques, from watching tutorials online to taking a course to get started. Before you go any further it’s often a good idea to find out what your baseline level is - test your speed and comprehension rate so that you can set some objectives for improvement. Once you start to feel confident then practice, practice, practice will get you where you need to be - and you'll be able to start enjoying the following benefits:

●      Increasing your general knowledge. The more you’re able to take in the greater the level of your general knowledge will be, whether you want to apply that to a professional environment or a pub quiz.

●      Be more efficient at absorbing key data. Once you start getting good at speed reading you’ll be able to get through information more quickly while at the same time absorbing what you’re reading at a much faster rate than before.

●      Recall and comprehension. Being a talented speed reader doesn’t just mean that you can go through a lot of words but that you’ve also learned how to increase your comprehension. Speed reading techniques can also be used to stimulate better recall of information.

●      More efficient use of time. If you’re speed reading then you can either read more material in the same amount of time or take less time than you would previously to read the same volume of material.

●      Coping with information overload. If you have a lot of reading to do then being able to do it at speed can make you feel less overwhelmed.

●      Promotes key skills. These include the use of visualisation while reading - which can have a whole heap of benefits, including retention and recall - as well as concentration and discipline.

●      Learning new, more positive habits. If you learned to read at school and picked up bad habits while you were doing it, speed reading can help to correct these.

●      Speed reading techniques apply across the board. They help with reading everything, from books and newspapers to articles, blogs and RSS feeds.

●      Better use of memory techniques. When you start speed reading you’ll begin to improve your use of memory techniques and this can have a far reaching impact in many different areas of your life.

●      Improving job prospects. From the reading itself to the way you can better organise your time and recall information, speed reading can help to improve your job prospects and the way you perform in your role right now.

These are just some of the key benefits of speed reading. Find out more by booking onto our Speed Reading & Information Management training course…