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How can hotel managers motivate their employees?

Team motivation has become a big priority in recent times. The impact of COVID-19, economic hardships and the uncertainty of the hospitality world right now have all contributed to negatively impacting workforces where motivation is concerned. However, no matter what is going on in the world, there are still some simple ways that hotel managers can motivate their employees.

Avoid micromanagement

If you’re constantly intervening or taking over from employees they will quickly become dependent on your input and bored and unmotivated because they’re not expected to handle anything themselves. Instead, be available for support but let your team explore their own development by handling a range of situations themselves.

Give employees the chance to speak up

Asking for feedback from employees has multiple benefits, including ensuring that they are constantly thinking about ways to improve the business and the role that they have. It’s also a very simple way to make people feel valued and connected to the future success of their employer.

Create a vocally positive environment

Recognise one thing that employees have done well each day and praise them for this. Positively reinforcing a job well done is one of the simplest ways to keep people motivated to do better every day and to ensure that no one gets bored.

Offer constructive feedback

Criticism and feedback that provide insight into ways to improve motivate people to do more because there is a clear path to how to do better next time.

Make sure that effort is recognised

When employees go much further than they need to and achieve more than was required of them make sure that you have a system in place to ensure that this gets used as a positive tool where motivation is concerned. Publicly recognise this kind of effort at staff meetings or use newsletters or noticeboards to show the kind of appreciation the business has for employees who go the extra mile.

Avoid collective autopilot

Once employees settle into their roles they can get used to them and start to slip into autopilot every day. It’s important to keep their experience fresh or they may become unmotivated and bored. Challenge them to come up with ideas for new systems or aesthetics and make sure that they are given at least one new task to tackle each week.

Deliver material benefits

From promotions to pay rises, better benefits or even something as simple as being able to swap shifts, the offer of a material reward for achievement can be incredibly motivating.

Provide the opportunity to take on responsibility

That could be for team social events, designing a team break out space or for training other people. Knowing that they are responsible for something that is important to others within the business creates a motivating sense of accountability.

Being able to motivate a team is a skill that anyone can develop. From inspiration and support to finding ways to deliver constructive criticism this is an essential part of the process of effective management.

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