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What role does Emotional Intelligence play in the workplace?

We’ve all heard of different areas of training, from managerial training to personal development training… but something that is less frequently discussed is the need for emotional intelligence training. Emotional intelligence involves monitoring personal emotions as well as the emotions of others, being able to differentiate between these different emotions, and utilising this information to guide thinking and behaviour. In the workplace, this can lead to many benefits:

Develops communication skills

Communication depends on a number of factors, including natural talent and experience and personality type. Emotional intelligence is however something that can be developed to improve your communication skills within the workplace, helping you to relate better to those around you and in your team, as well as improving customer relations.

Makes collaboration easier

All of us will find that we have some people who we naturally work well with and others that we find more difficult. Undertaking emotional intelligence training can make it easier to collaborate professionally with others by presenting yourself in a friendly way that helps to build rapport. Emotional intelligence teaches us to tailor our approach to different personality types by being sensitive to their emotions and more. In this way, emotional intelligence promotes teamwork and increased productivity as working efficiency improves.

Self-awareness encourages leadership

Emotional intelligence can also develop self-awareness that highlights strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve. This is something that allows each employee to develop personally within their role, but also is a characteristic of those who could be strong in more leadership positions within the company. Identifying these people can help to improve the overall balance within the team and help individuals to utilise their own skills.

Understanding key motivators

Another thing that emotional intelligence can help with is understanding key motivators for your team. If you’re managing a team, undertaking emotional intelligence training could really help you to work out what motivates your different team members, and collectively as a team. Determining their needs, goals and providing them with what they need could boost morale as well as productivity. For more information about Emotional Intelligence training and how it could benefit yourself or your team, give PTP a call today on 01509 889 632.