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Stress Management Training Success

Posted: December 31, 2013 11:37 am
PTP's 1-day Stress Management training course was again very well received.stress management training Alison Scott, Queen Maragaret University commented, Enjoyed the day and appreciated the structure and content with flexibility and free discussion. and Paul Coates from Homes in Sedgemoor wrote on his feedback form: The stress management training course was very enjoyable and was challenging and thought provoking. Thank you. According to a recent survey by Panorama research, over half of small and medium sized businesses claim stress is an issue in their workplace. A recent CIPD Absent Management survey revealed stress is the most common cause of long-term absence from work in the UK. And the HSE website states, over 10 million working days were lost in Britain due to work-related stress. This is a practical stress management training course designed to show you how to reduce stress by managing pressure better. You will learn how to stay more in control of yourself as pressure increases so you can still perform well and achieve results. You will also learn how to relax quickly in any situation, keep your confidence and energy levels high, and begin to achieve the work/home/life balance you want.

Benefits of attending PTP's Stress Management Training Course

Techniques to reduce stress and achieve more by handling pressure better The ability to recognise the early warning signs of stress Ways to relax quickly in real-life situations Methods to keep confidence and energy levels high Clarification of the work/life balance they personally want Ways to take more control of their life and reactions in pressured situations

More praise for PTP's Stress Management Training Course

The trainer was amazing, so positive, enthusiastic & helpful & really empathetic.- Rachel Rosenhead, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
The course was well delivered & was very useful. I would recommend it to anyone as it has really helped me to gain insight. Thank you!- Nikki Adams, Leicester City Council
Course was very challenging and helpful in identifying effective means to overcome problems.- Mike Lachowicz, Bureau Veritas
It was excellent - could not be improved upon.- Jason Linsey, Birmingham City Council To view forthcoming dates in venues across the UK for PTP's Stress Management course please click here.

Credit Control Training Success with M&S

Posted: December 30, 2013 4:08 pm
credit control trainingPTP recently ran a 1-day credit control training course for Marks and Spencers and delegates were delighted.
The credit control training course wasn't what I expected. I would say it actually exceeded my expectations and will be useful for my role. remarked Ewan Anderson of Marks and Spencer
Great delivery, better than expected. Came away with confidence and proactive approach. commented Nuala Domellan, Marks and Spencer
Enthusiastic and knowledgeable facilitator, helped make the credit control training course engaging and quick. said Tom Brown, Marks and Spencer The aim of this course is to provide managers with an awareness and basic understanding of credit control methods and techniques. It aims to enable managers to be more effective in ensuring their customers meet their commitments to pay regularly and on time.

Benefits of PTP's Credit Control Training Course

    • An understanding of the importance of credit control to business success
    • Knowledge of credit ratings and credit procedures
    • Best practice in debt collection
    • Write offs and sanctions for customers

    More praise for PTP's Credit Control Training Course

    Very good course.- Jackie Elderton, NEBOSH
    I enjoyed this course. It identified possible problems & offered solutions- Janice Stenhouse, Erdington Distillers Ltd
    Very good course. Took a great deal away with me - great food.- Nicola Woods, Mouchel
    Very good & informative course that has given me more confidence in my role and a better understanding.- Nikki Simms, Mercedes Benz Direct
    Clear and concise delivery of information.- Christopher Sutcliffe, Surfachem Ltd   To view all the forthcoming dates for PTP's Credit Control Training Course click here.

Sales Training - Customer Care Training - 2014 Price Reduction

Posted: December 18, 2013 10:48 am

2014 Sales Training & Customer Care Trainingsales training customer care training

Courses from £195

PTP is pleased to announce that for a trial period, we have reduced the price of our Customer Care and Sales Training courses. 1/2 day courses will be just £195 and 1-day open courses in sales training and customer care training will now cost just £295 and 1-day tailored in-house training for sales and customer care starts at just £850 for groups of up to 5 delegates. To view our 16 Customer Care Training courses click here To view our 50 Sales Training courses please click here Also we have managed to keep all our Management, Finance and Personal Development courses at the same prices for 2014. To view our 78 Management Training courses please click here To view our 17 Finance and Planning Training Courses click here To view our 26 Personal Development Courses please click here

Special Training Offers - Sales Training, Customer Care Training, Management Training

In addition to these price reductions and price freezes, you can get your training budgets to go even further with some specially selected courses below. Click on the course titles below to find details about the courses including hour by hour timetables, content and training benefits of each course.... All those marked with an * you get the following discount structure: Book 2 places get 25% off each booking Book 3-5 places you get 40% off each booking Book 6-10 places you get 50% off each booking

Training Offers in London

Advanced Facilitation Skills - 2 days 15/16th January* Coaching & Mentoring 8th January* Developing Assertiveness Skills in the Public Sector 12th February* Essential Advertising 17th January - 40% discount Influencing Skills 29th January* Interpreting Financial Statements 7th January* Managing Budgets 23rd January - 25% discount Managing Effective Meetings 27th January - 30% discount Managing People on Projects 28th January - 25% discount Managing Remote Teams 5th February* Personal Effectiveness 28th January* Stress Management 15th January - 25% discount Successful Sales Presentations 29th January - 25% discount The Client Meeting - Face to Face Selling 19th February - 40% discount The Effective Administrator 23rd January* Time Management 9th January*

Training Offers in the Midlands

Advanced Closing Skills 12th March - Nottingham - 50% discount Assertiveness & Building Personal Confidence 8th January - Nottingham* Introduction to HR Skills 24th April - Birmingham - 25% discount Leadership & Management Skills - 24th January - Birmingham - 30% discount The Roles and Responsibilities of a Director 14th January - Nottingham*

Training Offers in Bristol

Customer Satisfaction as a Selling Tool 3rd January - 40% discount Dealing with Incoming Calls Positively 22nd January - 40% discount Essential Management Skills - 2 days 7/8th January* Introduction to Management & Supervisory Skills 14th February*

Training Offers in Leeds

Advanced Presentation Skills 11th February* Assertiveness & Building Personal Confidence 9th January* Creativity and Innovation 2 days 3rd & 4th February - 25% discount

Training Offers in Manchester

Essential Management Skills - 2 days 7/8th January* Finance for Non-Finance Managers 16th January - 15% discount Introduction to Account Management 20th January - 20% discount Personal Development for Professionals 14th January*

Training Offers in Edinburgh

Essential Management Skills - 2 days 29/30th January - 35% discount Introduction to Management & Supervisory Skills 15th January - 20% discount Leadership & Management Skills - 21st January* Practical Project Management - 2 days - 23/24th January* Sales Negotiation Skills 12th May* The Roles & Responsibilities of a Director 22nd January - 20% discount Time Management 6th February - 30% discount Train the Trainer - 2 days 6/7th February - 30% discount All those marked with an * you get the following discount structure: Book 2 places get 25% off each booking Book 3-5 places you get 40% off each booking Book 6-10 places you get 50% off each booking Normal fees for our Management Training, Finance and Personal Development courses before the above discounts are: 1/2 day courses £250 1 day courses £450 2 day courses £850 And for our Customer Care Training and Sales Training courses before the above discounts are: 1/2 day courses £195 1 day courses £295 2 day courses £550 In addition to the discounts above, you get a further 5% if you book and pay on-line. (Please note this is optional and you have the choice to pay by invoice when booking on-line. Kind regards Marc Holland Managing Director Practical Training for Professionals 01509 889632

Cold Calling - Why sales people hate it!

Posted: December 16, 2013 12:43 pm
Cold Calling Telephone TrainingI recently ran our cold calling course entitled Generating New Business by Telephone. This was delivered to a group of well-seasoned van and truck salesmen who weren't really expecting much. I had got the job as their Manager had been on one of my courses 10 years previously. As the course started and I went through the volumes of calls I expected them to make in a day (100-200) they looked even more sceptical. The problem with cold calling is if you are not taught the correct techniques and don't put in the hard work and discipline it simply doesn't work. If you try without the right correct coaching things go wrong quickly and people give up blaming the whole process saying, 'cold calling doesn't work'. The beauty of this PTP course is that having explained the techniques, the trainer (in this case me), makes live calls on a hands-free phone using lists the delegates had generated during the course and as pre-course work. I much prefer this demonstration when things go wrong (too often on this course things go too well and participants just think the trainer is magically good at cold calling and they could not see themselves emulating this success). Fortunately on the first 20 calls I had a rough time! I was blocked by gatekeepers and told by decision-makers they had no interest quite abruptly and in some cases people were quite rude. This is where I surprised the delegates by saying, 'When cold calling this is exactly what to expect and the good news is that it will put off your competition from ever making these calls'. Persevering, I carried on and managed to talk to decision-makers who were in the market for vans and trucks and wanted further information and appointments. After some role play, the sales people started making cold calls and to their surprise were very successful, in fact dare I admit it, they had a better success rate than me! Between us we had made just over 100 call attempts in 6 hours and spoken to the decision-maker 19 times and got 11 people interested of which 6 were deemed very hot leads (One of the hot leads was coming to view a new truck the following day - now that is a hot lead!). They all agreed if they could generate 6 hot leads everyday they would be extremely happy! Of course, you can't make cold calls all day everyday but even when salespeople are busy, it was agreed that a minimum of half a day week should be done hopefully generating 6 leads. This will ensure all salespeople have a continual flow of new leads to work with self-generated by their own cold calling efforts. This course is designed especially for B2B and we do not deliver training designed at calling people cold in their homes. (For more details click here.)

Benefits of attending PTP's Cold Calling Training course:

    • Greater confidence generating new business by telephone
    • Effective techniques for telephone prospecting
    • Development of an individual style
    • The ability to make direct contact with the decision-maker
    • Genuine leads generated on the course

Praise for PTP's Cold Calling Training Course:

Course has focussed what I do on phone, will reduce time required (better for me & customer).- Ian Veal, TUV Product Service
I found the techniques of handling gatekeepers extremely valuable.- Phil Almond, TUV Product Service
Very good course, well delivered.- Guy Finch, Media Hut
Thought the course was excellent and found it very helpful.- Craig Wilkinson, Amada UK Ltd.
An extremely informative day with much to think about. Gifted tutor!- Andy Dunkley, Barcham Trees This cold calling course runs as a public course ain all major UK cities for just £295 and is available in-house for as little as £850. For more details click here.

Customer Care Training for Finance Staff 'Excellent'

Posted: December 9, 2013 11:32 am
Customer care training courses by PTP PTP's customer care training course, Customer Excellence for the Finance Environment was delivered recently to two of Zoopla's employees. Cynthia Taylor commented on this customer care training course, 'I have enjoyed every minute of the course today. The trainer was excellent.' and Simon Jones commented on this customer care training day, 'The level of engagement from the trainer was outstanding.'  

Benefits of this customer care training include:

  • A greater understanding of the customers needs and how they rate customer excellence
  • Understand why customers complain especially when there is a financial implication and how to put things right
  • A greater understanding of the basic financial acts that govern what we do
  • How to measure and track customer excellence
PTP delivers 14 customer care training courses including:

Leadership Skills Training 'Enlightening'

Posted: December 2, 2013 1:53 pm
Leadership Skills Training PTP's courses leadership skills training course, Success in Leadership & Motivation Skills was recently attended by Siobhan Flecknie of BNP Paribas Real Estate. She commented on this leadership skills course, 'This leadership skills course has been enlightening'. PTP specialises in training leadership skills and motivation skills both key attributes a world class manager needs to perfect. This 1-day course shows how leadership skills can be developed through looking at the different leadership models.

Benefits of PTP's Success in Leadership & Motivation Skills:

    • Develop essential leadership skills to create a customer-focused team
    • Understand leadership models and how they can apply to the workplace
    • Develop your skills in delegation and understand its importance in developing staff
    • Learn how to motivate your team so they achieve their potential, through the latest motivational techniques
    • Understand the crucial role of outstanding communication
    • Top tips on excellent communication methods
    • A step by step formula that will guide you through the essentials of conflict resolution
    • A practical assessment of your leadership skills with coaching tips to build upon your strengths and combat your weaknesses
    PTP also runs a 1-day course entitled Leadership & Management Skills which focuses more on management styles.

    Benefits of PTP's Leadership & Management Skills:

      • The opportunity to make the transition from technical/operative to a leadership/ management role
      • An opportunity to develop some of the key skills required to lead a team to obtain results and achieve organisational objectives
      • An insight into the power of successful motivation to the benefit of all parties
      • An ability to make the correct decision in varying circumstances
      • The building of greater confidence in delegating in a variety of situations
      • An understanding of the causes of stress and how appropriate leadership and management can alleviate stress
      Feedback from delegates is typical of the one below: I found the session extremely useful. It was interactive and provided invaluable guidance and insight into developing leadership & management skills. - Michelle Petrons, Language Line Services To view all PTP's leadership Skills and Management Skills courses please click here.