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This course is aimed at non financial managers and others in positions where an understanding of finance will help them be more effective in their main role. It is designed to demystify financial jargon and introduce the key financial statements, how to interpret them and how to use them to obtain essential business information.

The course then moves to areas which are most likely to be used frequently by delegates: How to work out cost and profit, how to plan and measure budgets, how to establish true costs to maximise profit, and finally options for price setting in order to achieve company objectives.

The course aims to give delegates a practical knowledge of finance which will help them make more informed decision and be conversant with areas of financial theory which can be used in their daily activities.

CPD Value 3 Hours

Course Benefits

  • A firm understanding of finance and how it can be used by managers in non – financial roles.
  • Explanation of key financial statements and practice using the information they contain.
  • Techniques for assessing true cost and developing profitable pricing strategies.
  • Practical advice on using financial information for internal management and reporting


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